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Monday, December 29, 2008


with the new year coming, i decided it was time to start a blog. i guess i need a late pass? a friend of mine, carlos, made a blog last year where he posted a picture for every day of his life throughout the year. it was really inspiring.. but not enough for me to make one of my own. until now. with the new year coming up, its a time of resolutions and promises and most people seem to have more willpower to make this year better than last, in their own way. so i decided to take a few things a little more seriously, one of which is my photography. im going to try and match carlos' idea of posting a picture each day of my daily life. its not terribly glamorous, many are the days i spend sitting around playing video games or riding in a vehicle, but it'll be a small insight into someone else's life. end introduction-

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hey everyone

ive got a korg microkorg synth im going to be selling
its in mint condition, has barely been used
it comes with the vocoder mic which has never been used
im going to throw in a cable and adapter so you can hook it up to any speaker

i also bought the official korg case for it, which ill throw in.
its a soft case but has a form fitted case inside to keep the synth safe

id like to get 300 out of it. its 400 new (which it pretty much is) and it was 45 for the case.

check out the specs here --

anyone interested?

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm going to try to get a new camera for my birthday this year. I got my d40 for my birthday 2 years ago and its served me well but I find things its lacking every now and then so I'd like to upgrade to a d90. I am going to save up $1000 over the next few months, hopefully.

Why am I posting this? I'd like to ask that if any of you were planning on giving me something or taking me out for my birthday, you reconsider and either pass the money on to me, or hit the donate button at the end of this post. Cash would be better because paypal takes a fee from donations, but I set it up in case you arent going to see me between now and July 10ish.

I'm not expecting any handouts or anything like that, I just cant afford the camera on my own right now. I'm going to be squirreling away every bit of cash that I can, and I'm asking for your help on that too. If I go somewhere with you and you see me ordering something or buying something I don't absolutely need, give me a hard time.

Also, as I dont have much to offer in return, if you donate anything towards my camera, I'll take a photo for you. It can be of something you want taken, or you can get a personal photo that no one else has and no one else will ever see.

So, if youve ever looked at this blog and liked what you saw or just want to help a broke musician/photog, click below or meet up with me.

Also, if by some chance I receive more than I need for the camera I'll donate the extra to a charity.

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My name is Andy and this is my blog. I'm attempting to take and post at least one photo every day, starting January 1st, 2009. I use a Nikon D90 and a few different lenses. Any posted photo is mine and I ask that if you want to use a photo, you give me credit and let me know where its going.

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